Introducing myself

I am Hilde Dankbaar, born in ’67 in Amsterdam. In the past I have always worked in the medical circuit in hospitals and with general practitioners. In 2002 I started my own company, Medisupport, after a world trip of more than one and a half years. In 2017 my company was converted to a medical employment agency and work for the most part runs online and via the telephone and Skype and I do not have to be in one particular place to do this work (digital nomad) , I currently work mainly from Italy and  also started recruitment and selection of Italian personnel who can temporarily work in NL, especially in the construction sector. My biggest goal, however, is to organize painting workshops in Puglia and from 2019 also organize painting holidays. I took painting lessons in Amsterdam myself, but unfortunately I am far from good enough to teach others. I know a number of good painters who have been trained to teach and they want to participate in these workshops and painting holidays. At a later stage it seems nice to organize other workshop holidays, for example for photography and writing courses or yoga retreats. The spring and autumn are ideal for such workshops and vacations in Puglia / Nardo because of the climate.